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The February Foundation

This page last updated on
09 January 2018
Application guidelines

The February Foundation makes grants to a range of charities and charitable activities in accordance with its grant making policy which is set out in the Charity's annual report & accounts (available to download via sidebar).

The application process is simple, and the Foundation prefers applications to be submitted by email, in order to reduce postage costs for applicants, to be environmentally responsible, to maintain the Foundationís responsiveness to applications, and reflecting the Foundation's aim to go entirely paperless in the near future. There are no application forms. Applications should be emailed to Richard Pierce-Saunderson.

Please send details and budget of the proposed project, how many people would benefit, how those benefits might be measured (not just financially), and what the estimated cost of raising funds for the project is. It is important to include in your email application full accounts for your most recent completed financial year, and, if your accounts do not contain it, what your total fundraising costs annually are.

For hospice applications, we require the following additional information:
- Total fundraising cost, inc trading, as % of total cost;
- Admin (non-clinical, non-fundraising) costs as percentage of entire costs;
- In-patient bed occupancy (% capacity);
- Day hospice capacity utilisation (%);
- Home care hours delivered.

Please note that hardcopy applications take significantly longer to process than email applications. Receipt of hardcopy applications is not acknowledged. Please do not send DVDs, CDs, glossy brochures or other additional information. The Foundation's correspondence address is: Spring Cottage, Church Street, Stradbroke, Suffolk, IP21 5HT.

It normally takes 12 weeks from application to applicants being informed of the trustees' decision. There are no application deadlines as trustees normally make grant decisions on a monthly basis.

Please note that less than 10% of all applications are successful.

Successful applicants should not re-apply until at least 12 months after their most recent grant.

Unsuccessful applicants are eligible to re-apply 12 months after their most recent application.

Registered Charity Number : 1113064
Registered office : 66 Lincolnís Inn Fields, London, WC2A 3LH, UK
Application exclusions

The Foundation will not consider new applications from the following:

- Child care;
- Citizensí Advice Bureaux;
- Community centres;
- Higher education;
- Housing associations;
- Individuals;
- Medical research;
- Minibuses;
- NHS trusts;
- Non-departmental government bodies;
- Overseas projects;
- Primary education;
- Scouts, Guides, Brownies, Cubs, and similar organisations;
- Secondary education;
- Single-faith organisations;
- Sports clubs, unless for the mentally or physically disabled;
- Village halls;
- Youth clubs & centres.

The trustees review the Foundation's giving strategy every year.
This exclusions list last updated on 28 February 2017.